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Hugh Piggott — Windpower Workshop Building your own Wind Turbine / Построй свою собственную ветряную турбину

Wind Turbine for Your Home

Wind energy, a renewable energy source, has great potential to solve environmental concerns that we are facing today. It reduces your energy costs drastically, and it also makes your environment clean being a pollution free source of energy. A home turbine could prevent about 2 tons harmful pollutant from entering the atmosphere.

A wind turbine that’s installed at home is hooked up onto power meter, and power energy is drawn from the turbine first then from the normal electricity provider. Whenever the wind is not blowing or blowing slowly, the supply comes from Electricity Company and their meter works normally and records all the units you utilize.

When the wind blows these turbines generate power and all your supply comes from these generators. Whenever the wind blows 10 miles an hour, then the turbine produces energy more than your usage, so the rest of the energy goes to the electrical grids and give supply to your neighbor’s home. In this situation your power meter runs in reverse and credits you for supplying electricity.

Home Wind Turbine Size

Before buying the wind turbine for your home, you should calculate that how much energy would be needed for your whole home. A typical house uses about 9400 KWH of electricity a year. That means you would be needed about 780 KW hours a month. So, after depending upon the wind’ speed of your area, you would be needing a wind turbine in between 5-15 KW range.

The Initial Cost of Wind Turbine

The initial cost for buying home wind turbine is in the range of $6,000-$25,000. It’s not much, because your electricity bill reduces when you will start the home generated electricity.

The Height of Home Turbine

Though the proper height for home’ wind turbine is usually quoted about thirty feet, but, in many cases, if you place your wind turbine on higher location, it would be better for you, the higher you go the wind pressure gets increase that is running your turbine faster and generate more energy.

Source of Income

If you keep the lights off on the windiest day, you can earn money by selling extra power to Electricity Company. So, investing in home wind turbine could be a saved money making source for you.

DIY Your Own Built Small Home Wind Turbine

How much can You Save

For example, the rate for one KW electricity is $0.10 per hour and turbine generates 650 KW hours per month that mean your turbine is saving $65 a month on energy bills.

DrawBack of Home Wind Turbine

There is a little problem with the Home wind turbine, that it creates noise, though it doesn’t interfere with your daily task. The noise produces when a blade’s edge is not shaped.

The Fast Growing Career of a Wind Turbine Technician

Wind is a natural effect created by the sun’s energy, which pulsates down on us at 175 million watts per hour. That energy hits the ground, heats it, and rises as low pressure that is then sucked up by the air. That suction produces wind. Of course, there is more complicated science involved, but that’s the gist of it.

Wind can be a powerful force of energy on its own, so it makes sense that we humans find ways to harness its strength and use it for our greater good. One solution? Wind turbines. And, the good that comes from them is manyfold. Using wind as a source of power doesn’t deplete the earth’s natural resources. Plus, it creates jobs. Queue in the wind turbine technician. The fastest growing field in the world. If you are searching for a career or considering a career change, why not look into becoming a wind turbine tech?

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Really? Why NOT wind? It doesn’t pollute the environment because it’s part of it. It’s a clean, cheap, and constant source of energy. As long as the sun is in the sky, wind will always be produced. There is enough land to sustain the wind turbines used to turn the wind into power; farms and ranches in particular are the perfect land hosts for the turbines.

There are some drawbacks, however. One is that these well-suited properties are usually rurally situated, areas generally further away from the more heavily populated centers where power is needed. So, it can get costly to run the proper transmission lines. Another disadvantage, one which is being looked into, is a way to remedy the wind turbine blade strikes of bats and birds. Even though electricity is far more harmful to the environment the way it’s currently sourced, wildlife conservation is being taken seriously to keep the environmental impact of the wind turbines to a minimum.

All in all, wind turbines are not just a lesser of evils. They are more advantageous in more ways than not.


There are various geo-specific factors, from bodies of water to different terrains, that have an effect on the wind flow. What a wind turbine does is to take the available wind from whatever area it is in and create energy out of it. It is a modern day, state-of-the-art windmill. Clusters of turbines are called wind farms. Very often, you’ll drive down a more desolate area of a highway and pass a wind farm standing majestically amidst large fields.

There are two different types of turbines: horizontal-axis and vertical-axis. The horizontal-axis turbines are the ones most commonly seen, with the three blades rotating. Vertical-axis turbines resemble an eggbeater. Both types can be used anywhere, land or sea. Currently, the Department of Energy is funding research for offshore wind turbines.


Wind turbines, like most other technology, no matter how advanced, have needs—installation, repairs, and routine maintenance. And, it’s up to the wind turbine technician to make sure these needs are met.

Wind turbine technicians will perform the following tasks:

  • Make sure both the exterior and integrity of the wind turbine tower is intact
  • Test and troubleshoot all the turbine components
  • Replace parts
  • Research and analyze collected data

Wind turbine technicians will perform the following tasks:

  • Make sure both the exterior and integrity of the wind turbine tower is intact
  • Test and troubleshoot all the turbine components
  • Replace parts
  • Research and analyze collected data


Wind turbine techs, also known as “wind-techs,” usually go through technical school to get their trade education. If you already have electrical experience, you may find this career to be a great fit with your skill set.

Wind tech training takes two years to complete. In school, you will complete the required classroom coursework. Some schools have their own turbines for students to practice on, and internships prior to graduating may be available. Also, expect a minimum of 12 months of on-the-job training to get you used to the turbines you’ll be working on.

Besides the route of community colleges and trade schools, some wind-techs learn their job through an apprenticeship, which is 144 hours of coursework and 2,000 hours of paid training per year.

Whether you go through a school program or an apprenticeship, you’ll have similar coursework:

  • Safety, first aid, and CPR with a focus on high-angle rescues
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Hydraulic maintenance
  • Braking systems
  • Wind turbine mechanical systems including the blade inspection and maintenance
  • Computer and programmable logic control systems

In order to enter any wind-tech program, there are some requirements that first must be met:

  • 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Have the physical and mental stamina required for the job
  • At least one year of high school algebra with the minimum of a “C”
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The job of wind turbine tech is considered dangerous, so you really can’t have any fear of heights if you want to safely succeed in this career. Heights aren’t the only thing. You’ll be expected to travel, and you may also have to go to remote and desolate places for extended periods of time. Or, you may have to relocate completely, especially if you are recruited to work for an international company.


There are certain personality traits conducive to the career of a wind turbine technician. While they may not make or break your career, having some of these traits will make it easier to find a job in this increasingly competitive field.

  • An eye for detail: Little things. Big things. You have an eagle eye and know when things are off or going smoothly.
  • Mechanical skills: You get it. It’s not just all picked up from a book. You have that sixth sense, that working knowledge of mechanics.
  • Strength: Wind turbines are huge. It’s suffice to say that you’ll be toting, lifting, dragging, pulling, and raising parts that fit a huge machine. You’ll need to be strong.
  • Stamina: Those ladders you’ll be climbing are 260 feet or higher. You have to climb until you get to the part that is in need of your expertise.
  • Troubleshooter: You are like McGuyver of wind turbines. You can take one look at what needs to be repaired and know what to do to make it better.


Right now, there are over 52,000 wind turbines in the U.S. There are more than 500 manufacturing facilities located in 41 states. At the end of 2016, there were over 341K wind turbines throughout the world, with over 104K of them located in China. These numbers are going to grow, and with it, so are the available positions. The employment growth of wind turbine technicians is expected to grow 96% through 2026. But, this only means an additional 5,500 new jobs. There is only one other career growing faster than Wind Turbine Technician, and that is the Solar Photovoltaic Installer.

Industries Seeing Largest Growth

Hugh Piggott — Windpower Workshop Building your own Wind Turbine / Построй свою собственную ветряную турбину

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